Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoot and Run

No, this is not about crime investigation or anything like that. This is about pictures-specifically how I take them. Now all photographer's know that you don't always have the time to stop and take a photo. So I have developed a system, a "shoot and run " system. I create the picture in my mind, and then when I can take the picture, I can just take it and move on, since I already have planned how I am going to take it. Here are some good and some bad results of this method. *Note-this is not a professional method. :) Just a quick everyday life method. :)

Not so good one-

Good one-

I need to work more on taking the time every chance I get. Finding time is the problem. *Another Note- Do not use this method. :) I know "shoot and run" IS NOT a good way to take photos. Mmmmm... I wonder if this post will affect my reputation and business as a photographer.....




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