Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Little Update

I just wanted to take some time to post a little update and info for those who are interested in my photography, and those who don't keep up with my main blog. I have not been frequenting my camera as much as I should or would like to, but I am beginning to take it up again. I have been swamped by more important duties, but there is a season for everything.
I have not had any sessions since my last one (maternity session), but too busy to have one. Things have calmed down now, so my main focus, so far as photography goes, of course, is to get my permit and some clients! I never need look far for the latter, and must just wait for some money to do the former. The other day, indeed, I was questioned by someone concerning my services. How good is G-d , to bring it to me! I have updated my Flickr , and fixed up this blog a bit. I enjoyed photographing our Hanukah, and our Hanukah snowstorm, which stirred me up! ;) This post perhaps sounds a little plain, but I am tired, so I think I will depart. Thank you to those who keep visiting! And I hope to be more constant in photos and posting.




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