Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Blog-site Baby!

*The title is referring to you, the reader, and to the fact that my site is, well, a baby.*

Hello, friends! I have not done an actual post on here for months. But hey, it's all about the photo's, right?
Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed the new look. I love it!!! And there's more to come! A header with pictures, for example. I really really want a rotating header, but  I would have to pay for that (no tutorials online), so I will have what's called a random images header (header changes with each refresh) or just a plain ol' header, with a lil spice :) Be sure you check out my gallery, I made some changes, which I like.

I want to have a website at some point, but as I am still building up my portfolio (and saving money ;) I can't. But hopefully my blog-site will be perfectly suitable :) Anyway, be sure to also check out my link list of AMAZING resources all the way at the bottom of this blog-site.

This Monday coming up I have an engagement session that I am SO excited about! Can't wait!!!!




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