Thursday, February 3, 2011

After and Absence...

After an hour or two sifting through, downloading, unzipping, and locating textures from the AMAZING and generous Kim Klassen, I spent some time in Photoshop, texturizing some of my favorite photos. :) It feels good to be making a gradual comeback. Though a graduation project is consuming most of my free time (more on that after its completed in a few months), photography has been calling to me again through the winter cold and calm. SO I determined to devote some time to it today, indulging myself in some texturizing. are some recent photos that I am simply so glad to present to you-deeply enhanced thanks to the lovely Kim Klassen. 

Winter is most definitely my favorite season, though spring and fall closely compete with its wonders and beauty. Though it is a time where nature-one of my favorite subjects-and what it brings out in people is not so readily available as in finer weather, I do aspire to obtain some nonetheless beautiful and touching photos. Wish me luck!




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