Monday, April 19, 2010

Light, Camera, Actions

I sat outside today on the doorstep, and just let myself feel the sun on my face. I marveled at the incredibly fine weather, and just enjoyed it. The light, the light, the light. Of course, on such a remarkably fine day, I had my camera with me ad took a couple of shots that I will post later. For now, I want to show you a photo that I tried a texture on. Click here to read my post about textures and to get some for yourself.

I love it!
Now, I want to talk about Photoshop actions. I've been hearing about these, but they always cost money!!! That's what I thought until I found some FREE ACTIONS at The Pioneer Woman. Yes, FREE!
CLICK HERE. She even has tutorials on how to use them!!! It is AWESOME. Thus, all the caps. :D Here are some proofs of my work with her actions, some which Doug from Totally Rad Actions made. I got the free sample of some of his actions- they are rad! 
OK, now for the photos, which I forgot, for the billionth time, to signatureize. New word ;)

Oh, one more action one...

The last one is from my  most recent engagement session...
The first one of actions from this day...
The second one...

The first texture one...

Thanks for checkin this out!!!




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