Saturday, October 30, 2010

{Simply Portraits} Melissa

 Wow. I love when my subjects get it- get that the pictures are about them, should reflect their personality and should be completely individualized. This incredible woman got it. As you can see, she rocked this session. She chose a place that was special to her-that meant a lot and that she could be herself in.The place where she creates her world, her art, and where he passion becomes materialized. But go check her out for yourself. :)

One thing I learned from this session is to trust my instincts more-if I think something will look good or not look good, I should try it out before shoving it to the side.If I'm the photographer-the artist, the creator, then I have all I need inside of me to bring the spark, the love and light to my images-and when it comes to people I have all I need to bring it out in them and capture it in my photos. With G-D's help always!




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